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Polished Turritella Agate

Polished Turritella Agate

Polished piece of Turritella agate from Sweetwater County, Wyoming. Weighs 3.8 oz with dimensions of 2” x 1 1/2” x 1 1/2”.

A fossiliferous agate only found in the Green River Formation of Wyoming. This organic organic gem mineral is made of the fossils of the freshwater snail, Elimia Tenera. About 50 million years ago, during the Eocene Epoch the landscape consisted of the rugged Rocky Mountains separated by broad basins. These basins began filling with sediments and many types of fossils were preserved within them. The snails were to prolific that entire lenses of sediment were composed almost entirely of their shells. Over time, the entire mass of fossils were solidified, forming the brown fossiliferous agate (known as chalcedony) that we know today. The rock that contains the fossil snails range from a shake to a sandstone. Only a small portion of this rock has been silicified into the dense agate you see here.

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